About Us

Mentariline Group has employed more than 700 persons, consists of office employess and offshore employees, to give the best for achieving our vision, mission, and goals. We always try to improve our employees that make them give the best to our customer in this competitive market nowadays. We believe, there is no limit to grow, both for the youn or the elder. We do many activities to improve our employees’ competence by doing many activities. We give an induction for every new employee periodically.
We transfer our vision, missions, and culture in order to make them walk in same path for the same goal. We make an unity among us by many activities, for example aerobic activitie, Hallal Bi Hallal, Buka Puasa Bersama, etc. Mentarilne Group also improves our employees’ competence by increasing their hard skill and soft skill. We provide some training to increase their hard skill to do better, such as fire extinguished training, and many more.
Mentariline Group has developed outbound program since 2012 to improve our employees’ soft skills. Those outbound will improve their competitiveness in regard of communication, problem solving and leadership. Mentariline has been prepared many programs that focus on the effort of improving employee competence and development, including implementing stabilization of techniques and transferring knowledge