Company History

1996 Established in June 19th, started from conventional break bulk shipping-company serving 2 destination Surabaya - Luwuk - Surabaya and Surabaya - Gorontalo - Surabaya with Four Vessel Capacity DWT 1200 Ton each.
2001 On June 2001, the company moved to full container shipment.
2003 Mentariline introduce Surabaya - Ternate service and adding new company specialist in stevadoring service.
2004 Adding new division in Expedition and Logistics as is a support system.
2006 Mentariline introduce Surabaya - Tobelo service.
2008 Mentariline add Surabaya - Makassar service.
2010 Mentariline introduce Surabaya - Lembar service and win bidding process in "JOB MEDCO"
2012 Surabaya - Bau-Bau and Surabaya - Badas servvice were added in the year 2012 to continue it rise and as a major shipping company in East Indonesia
2013 Mentariline added 2 new Vessels (Project Cargo Special Units) and add 5000 New Containers.
SAVIOUR : 1994-7200T - gear 2 X 70 ton
Mentari Sentosa : 1994-7200T - gear 2 x 70 ton
Surabaya - Pare-Pare, Surabaya - Banggai, Surabaya - Bima, Surabaya - Labuhan Bajo, Makassar - Gorontalo, Makassar - Tobelo, Makassar - Luwuk, Makassar - Lembar, Makassar - Pare-Pare were added as its new routes.
2015 Launched New Port:
Surabaya – Palopo
Surabaya – Kolaka
Establishment of PT. Mentari Rekayasa Teknik, a mechanical workshop company
Establishment of PT. Banggai Jaya Transport, a trucking company
Digital Transformation,: Application of ERP system, tracking system and online booking
2016 Facilitated Indonesian Government for “Tol Laut” program by chartering 2 vessels Launched New Port:
Surabaya – Ende
Surabaya – Atapupu
Surabaya – Waingapu
Bitung - Tobelo
2018 Mentariline added a new vessel called KM Mentari Nusantara
Won the “Tol Laut” auction program from the Ministry of Transportation for the T-5, T-7, T-8 and T-10 routes