Director's Message

In this chance, Mentari Line would like to say thank you for continuing support from Logistics, Partners and Colleagues in a way of trusting your cargo to be carried by Mentari Line's vessel.

Mentari Line realize that without the supports from Logistics, Partners and Colleagues, Mentari Line would not able to sustain, exist, and growing rapidly as today, especially in this tight competition environment.

Today, Mentari Line has becoming one of a professional and competitive sea carrier Service Company in Indonesia and constantly strengthen our position. We are adding three unit container vessels with 1550 TEUS capacity and 2000 TEUS new containers in 2012.

We are confident with Indonesian prospect especially in East Indonesia, we are also planning to add two more new vessels and new containers appropriate with those vessel's capacity each year in order to keep up and increase the productivity and service of Mentari Line.

In the mean time, Mentari Line will be focusing in establishing, strengthening and expanding its position in East Indonesia as the demand to East Indonesia increase rapidly especially for cargo project volume which has already used vessels that has been equipped with twin decker and cargo gear 70 tons capacity each. If those equipments are combined, it can lift more than 100 tons cargo. This is an opportunity that Mentari Line would like to grab by having two equipped vessels, especially for that cargo project.

Finally, Mentari Line once again would like to say thank you and wishes a wonderful day ahead for all of you.


Regards Mentari Line,

Dr. Soenardi Sudartan

President Director